Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. 

    Stories are powerful. They have the ability to captivate, inspire, and transform lives. They hold the lessons we've learned, the triumphs we've celebrated, and the mistakes we've made. It is through our stories that we connect with others on a deeper level to pull back the curtain and see the most vulnerable parts of ourselves.

    How does someone end up in prison? How does someone not end up in prison? These are both questions I’m asked by parents of wayward children, young people who live in horribly dysfunctional homes, addicts who can’t seem to get clean, and businessmen and businesswomen. People want to know the secret formula. 

    There isn’t one. Truly. All of us have likely met someone who grew up in terrible circumstances and went on to live a full, happy, healthy life; on the other hand, we’ve all met someone who grew up with every advantage we can see, money, love from a family, schooling, athletics, and they ended up in prison. 

    It naturally seems to reason that when a child grows up under circumstances of neglect and abuse, and they are with adults who live out destructive behavior, the child has a much higher likelihood of something going awry in their life. That describes me. 

    As you read my story, you’ll see the complexity of how someone with a heavy heart, and a searching soul found himself at a crossroads. It was at this pivotal moment that I made a decision that would change the course of my life forever. I accepted Jesus into my heart, embracing a newfound faith that would become the guiding light in my darkest hours.

    Whether you are reading this book behind the walls of a prison or sitting in your high-rise office, I want you to know that your life matters. God placed you on this earth with a purpose and plan. He loves you. If it has been a while since you’ve talked to Him, or maybe you talk to Him every day, He loves you just the same. 

    Join me on my journey of what seemed like an eternity in those moments, and yet would turn out to be the most transformative, profound path that allowed me to embark on my true life’s mission. Explore the power of second, third, and unlimited chances that God gave me and that He offers to everyone–including you.

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    Testimony of an inmate-Dixie Pebworth

    Written January 18, 1993

    This was a letter written to a minister not intended to be a testimony but the Lord had other plans. It has been used as an outreach and ministry tool to prisoners and anyone needing hope. I wrote it when I was serving an 80-year sentence and didn't know at the time if I would ever see the outside world. This pamphlet chronicles the miracles God did in my life throughout my days in prison. 

    Philippians 1:12, But I would, you should understand, brother that the things, which happened unto me, have fallen out rather unto the furtherance of the Gospel.

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